Our Services

At Atwater Village, you’ll find a wide range of shops that allow you to get all of your shopping done in one place. Our close-knit group of shops, grocery stores, clothing stores, and eateries are proud to present the community with the best services and goods in town. Here, you’ll find:

•    Home baked goods

•    Unique arts and crafts

•    An organic grocery store

•    Hardware store

•    Clothing stores

•    Diners and other eateries

•    Book shop

•    Pet supplies

And much more.

Your Local One-Stop Shop

At Atwater Village, you’ll enjoy the same type of one-stop convenience that many of the major retailers offer these days. But the real difference here is in both quality and customer service. While for many small businesses, competing with major companies can be a true challenge. However, at Atwater, we bring you the very best at prices that are reasonable.

Excellent Customer Service

Not only will you enjoy good home cooking, fresh organic produce, and homemade unique gifts, you’ll also get the type of excellent customer service you deserve. Many of our business owners are on site during business hours, which means if you have a problem with the service or the quality of the goods you purchased, you can speak directly to the owner to get the assistance and attention needed in order to resolve your problem.

Supporting Your Community

Not only will you get excellent customer service, but a large percentage of what you spend in one of our shops will go right back into your community. By supporting your local businesses, you not only help us to thrive during a difficult time, but you also ensure you’re living in a cleaner, safer, better community.

We appreciate you stopping by and hope that you’ve enjoyed your experience shopping with us here at Atwater Village.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.