About Us

Supporting Your Local Businesses

When you buy from local businesses, more money will remain in our community. But small local businesses like what you’ll find at Atwater are also what give our community its own unique flavor. If you’re tired of shopping in large corporate grocery store chains and retail stores, by supporting our businesses instead of major chains, you’re ensuring that our unique community continues to thrive.

Quality Customer Service

We also offer a whole new level of customer service. When you know the people behind the counter, people who are also part of your community, you enjoy a special connection that you just won’t get from a major retailer. Our employees really care about our customers and the community. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll work with you to come up with a solution that both parties are satisfied with. That’s the level of service you’ll get from shopping with us.

A Strong Tie to the Community

When you shop local, the business owners here are directly connected to each employee in their store. This alone results in more knowledgeable, helpful, and well-informed staff. This also means if you run into any issues, your problems will be taken seriously.

Buying local is more than just convenient. When you support the businesses at Atwater, you get a higher level of service, in addition to helping to make your community more successful and a much safer, better place to live.