How to Encourage Your Community to Shop Local

How to Encourage Your Community to Shop Local

In today’s modern age when ordering food, gifts, clothing, and so much more online is all too easy, people have forgotten the importance of supporting their local businesses. If you’re a small business owner, you may have noticed that your sales aren’t what they used to be. But are you doing everything you can to boost your sales? Are there other things you should be doing?

As online sales seem to be picking up, offering discounted prices that many local businesses cannot compete with, many independent businesses may be tempted at times to throw in the towel. But when you consider that three times as much money ends up remaining in the local community when people buy from small local businesses, it’s time to step up and come up with a game plan that will allow you to compete with the online giants, while helping to support your community.

Bringing in Business

As a local business, you must be proactive if you want to succeed. While it’s important that the local community will benefit as a whole, you and your business will also benefit and thrive from an increase in sales.

Get Active

Your first step will be getting more involved in local civic groups and discussing the value of shopping locally. You can also offer to speak at schools and discuss the importance of supporting the local economy.


Let the community know just how committed you are to helping the community grow, thrive, and succeed. Create an advertising campaign that highlights exactly why they should buy locally. Point out the fact that local businesses end up returning three times as much to the economy compared to industry giants. Let your customers know that over sixty percent of all new jobs also come from locally owned businesses.


Join the local Chamber of Commerce, in addition to a business networking group. These groups will give you plenty of exposure to other locally owned businesses in the community. It will also allow you to share your ideas of growing and networking.

Entice Your Customers

Offer specials, discounts, and sales throughout the month. Creating a promotion can be fun and a great way to introduce new customers to your business and the goods and services you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Raffles can be an excellent way to bring in a whole new client base and a great way to showcase your goods as well.

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