Best Ways You Can Promote Your Business Online

The Five Best Ways You Can Promote Your Business Online

If you have a local business or local commerce that’s losing money, then now is the time to act. The first and most important step is tapping into online space in order to expand your customer base.

However, the strategy you use to promote your business should largely depend on the type of business you own.

Yet the approach itself is fairly simple. First, you need to identify your target audience. Next, determine what type of budget you have to work with. Paying to promote your business online can be expensive and unfortunately, not every type of promotion will bring the type of results you’re looking for.

Before the internet, a local business didn’t have many options in terms of marketing their products without spending a fortune. But now, there are many options online, some of which are free.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top five ways you can promote your business, without spending a dime.

Free Local Listing Services

Did you know you can register your business with Google Places for free? Doing so will allow your business to be found more easily when a person does a search online for your particular type of business. To do, just fill out a form to register. Next, your business will need to go through a registration and confirmation process.

Social Media

Social media isn’t just for interacting with your friends and family members. Using social media can actually mean great exposure for your business. You can also add advertisement offers on your Facebook page, promote specials on Instagram, and tweet new offers on Twitter.


Starting a blog can be another great way to get some new exposure. A blog will help you to connect with your customers and get your name out there. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your posts updated frequently in order to get people to keep coming back.

Using YouTube

YouTube can be a fun, free way to get your promo videos out there. However, just like with blogging, you’ll need to focus on keeping your videos current. You also need to ensure that the video’s content is relevant to your business.


Using SEO on your website will make it easier for people to find you and it can also potentially land you on the first or second pages of Google when a person does a search related to your business or niche. Never underestimate the power of SEO and how it can help your company to gain more exposure. Of course, more exposure means expanding your client base, which equals more sales for you.

SMS Marketing

Almost everyone uses a cell phone nowadays. Voicemail usage continues to drop, however everyone checks their text messages. When you have a subscriber to your business, it’s important to collect their phone number. Doing so will allow you to use a service like SMS marketing campaigns to send them a mass text message reminder for their good or services.

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